Meliksah Soyturk – The shades of my world

Meliksah is the the best youngest topographic painter in Europe. He was born in Kastamonu, in 1984. He completed his secondary and high school education in Kastamonu. He graduated from university with a degree of science preceptorship. He was interested in and dealt with drawing during the university years. At the same years, he developed the teaching method with foil paper and he is rewarded with certificate of achievement by Çanakkale University. Since his childhood, Soytürk has drawn and his talent on charcoal was proved with his first Kastamonu exhibition. Later, he staged Turkey’s first gravure research exhibition with researcher Burak Yamaç. While preserving traditional art concept, he regains the topographic art, forgotten in Europe, and blends it with gravures. He voluntarily advertizes İstanbul by lecturing seminars and conferences on the history of İstanbul for high school and university students in various cities. Recently, he lectures his art and trains students in a private institution in Mecidiyeköy, İstanbul.

Soyturk, staging eleven exhibitions at home country and abroad, continues to introduce and represent his country with his art.


  • Great for sucessful,thanks for your share wonderful Art….Maia…

  • I Like his calligraphy… it is very good work..

  • I can say that meliksah is a wonderful artist that reflects his soul and the love for his country in his artworks. When you have the opportunity to see his drawings you can perceive the culture and the history of all these amazing places. His art is culture and have an educational message about every concept that he represents in his drawings.

  • Melik, I know your work and it is really super. I like it a lot. It is so fine and beautiful and very special. I wish you lots of success!

  • Meliksah is amazing person with a great extraordinary talent divine! He has a very open and humane soul!I’m sure he will reach great heights in his art!I very like his art! His paintings are so excellent! Well done! My big respects to you Meliksah!

  • A Wonderful Artist The Attention To Detail Is Amazing…A Very Talented Young Man, I Have Spoken With Meliksah A Very Charming Warm Hearted Young Man.
    I Wish Him Continued Success In Every-Thing He Does.

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