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Tarak Mahadi – A light in the darkness

Tarak is a young, talented painter and sculptor from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He graduated at Faculty of fine arts, Dhaka Univeristy. A good friend of his suggested him as somebody I should present and she was not wrong.

” Art is about feelings with thoughts, that’s why we should collaborate our thoughts and feelings to the future.¬† From the perspective of our responsibility we should collaborate our art to circumstance of our society. Art is voice, mirror…

Tarak Mahadi

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One comment

  1. I understand that paintings and sculptures, like all art, tend to get and hold our attention through their abstract or formal vigour. The paintings and sculptures created by Tarak Mahadi, what is presented here in ‘Musetouch’ have got and hold my attention, and all these for sure have representational qualities, I must say. There is a dazzling balance between the representational and the abstract form. Tarak is one of our best young painters, and I love his works.

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