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David Platt – Straight from subconscious

David Platt is a New York artist with a singular vision and a matching style of painting. After years working as a designer, David became a full-time artist, after he underwent excruciating surgery on both his arms followed by a lengthy convalescence. During that time he developed the staccato line technique that would eventually become his signature style. At first, the use of line represented the injured nerves that ran the length of his arms, a bandage phase soon followed. From there, his work evolved into appendages, then individuated organisms, and finally, all things.

In his work, David attempts to reconcile opposites. He depicts a psychological landscape where inner and outer space converge; where creation and destruction are indistinguishable; where micro organisms fuse to become macro-organisms ad infinitum. Out of the abstract soup emerges corporeality, whose forms and contours are undifferentiated, existing for a timeless instant before reintegration and death.

In an attempt to tap into collective imagery and precognitive stimuli, David paints straight from his subconscious onto the canvas.

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