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Linda Lene Larsen – An artist’s prayer

Linda Lene Larsen is a Danish artist who has been doing the painting since she was a little girl. It started out with little drawings and then they got bigger and bigger…at last she put them on a canvas and that is where Linda is now. She creates the art which she loves and that can be a lot, if you consider how many ideas she has and how creative she is. She loves everything that is beautiful, elegant, simple and harmonic.

An artist’s prayer: Love and tread my art as was it your children!

Global Warming 2.bmp

Global Warming 3.bmp

Global Warming 4.bmp

Global Warming 5.bmp

Global Warming 6.bmp

Global Warming 7.bmp

Global Warming 9.bmp

Global warming 10.bmp

Fantasy 1.JPG

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