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Jay Olsen – The message

” In 1971 – 1972  i studied at Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. I was an Illustration Major.  One painting : ‘Sewing Machine Still Life’  (Enamel on Canvas), which was used in a traveling lecture series by Paul Dennis.  The painting was unfortunately destroyed in moving.

In 1971 – 1978 i studied with Paul Granstead (painting restorer for Vixseboxse Art Galleries in Cleveland, OH).  Paul taught me so much about life and painting that i will always be endebted to him for his patience, humility and encouragement.

I try and use my art (whether my paintings, photographs or my music) to reach a part of a persons soul that the spoken word cannot.  To be able to communicate my faith, my passions, even my demons in the night through my art is truly a blessing. I am honored and  yet challenged  to make that message as clear and real for the viewer (or listener) as i humanly can.  I get frustrated at my talents, but  the saving grace is in knowing there is a higher vision here, and i am just a tool. I hope that through my art you may see something that touches your heart and stirs your mind to something greater than you or me.

For a little over a year i have been painting with the Windsor Newton Artisan Oil paints, which are a water based oil paint.  I absolutely love working with oils. I pray my craftmanship with using these paints improves as my desire for perfection doesn’t seem to be subsiding.”

Jay Olsen

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