Adel Radwan – Digital painting

My working day usually starts by putting my big mug of coffee next to my computer; a fast look at the latest finished design and check out feed backs on my recent published work, afterwards I look at my yesterday’s sketches and notes to set up a start point and then the work begins. My relation with drawing started during my early years of school; a loved hobby that turned into a career in my mid twenties when I joined the art team of Look Advertising; one of the leading advertising Egyptian companies.

Twelve years in the field, drawing hundreds of clip arts, moving and switching between drawing cartoons, web design, magazine design, a new passion was developed in me “Digital Painting” that I became devoted too and even I might say: addicted! And in the present, lots of my time is dedicated to this new born art.

My work has been featured in the following internet sites:, X-project magazine, Fantasy Art School

Also my work was featured in the following Egyptian magazines:
Teen Stuff
Cairo Today
Doctor& Doctor

Adel Radwan











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