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Aksel Kjertsner – Colors and feelings

“I am coming from Denmark. Love to paint – make music and perform with both. I have a small gallery with my wife Lisbeth, and we live on an island called Fyn in the middle of Denmark. My inspiration to paint do I get though the love of life. I love to live simple and I love to do simple songs and com potions – how I have it also with painting.

Right now I paint primarily my crooked houses. I got the idea on my honeymoon a few years ago. I saw Gaudy – and his houses and was deeply fascinated. Have since read a lot of Barcelona and me fofo into the story when my houses show up on the canvas. I do not want to impress when I paint, just hope, that my viewers are a little more happy when they`ve been with houses. I have a belief that we can recognize much ourselves through houses. We are even small houses, with basements – 1. floor and a better prospect at the top. Yes I am just a simple man from Denmark and a happy man. This was not before. I was an alcoholic, but was sober for ten years ago.

From there began a whole new life – hope to see.”

Aksel Kjertsner

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