Alessandro Attombri – A paradox

The Italian artist Attombri Alessandro was born in Treviso (Italy). Diploma recipient in the school of art of the artistic school. A artist works from years in the plan of realization of his modern current of art of the III millennium that he notes that the world change and the demand of be polyvalent critical, expert of the nets of communication web, discoverer of current innovative, operator of systems graphic informatics and attracted from scientific matters. Inspiration to the material and to the plasticity, the modern art discovers a motive of existence life. The art, human essence, it find climate of survival today: a paradox! The three-dimensional, in the his thematic, like an emotional palpable involvement, a sign of tangible creativeness that invites The colour to share in the reality, forced to get out of the two-dimensional to drag along the subject “voluptuous,” it get rich of energy to transmit the signs of emotion. He same is a researcher. The thematic adopted, one squirt in the picture underlining the importance of the subject. This thematic has been dipped the days to renovate and to rewind from new light. The artist therefore, he occur again because the same purpose of the art and of the painter, the man dig deeper for the truth . He has looked out upon a CULTURAL SEAM of art innovative for the IIIĀ° MILENIUM. Explored in the particular minimum, he is been bare a new movement that will grow slowly but with strength, the collective human because intrinsic interests of concepts universal. This new involve cultural influx must be still definite, but he will have presented in the next future. The art, in all his history, it has to draw from oneself same an implicit concept, but with the search in action perhaps could have been characterized it and do it emerge…

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