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Tejal Patni – Dream project

“In my Photography I try and combine my influences of my favorite feature films and work of great directors, I feel its always present in my fashion work. I have combined influences of films, Mr.Tim Burton’s & Federico Fellini’s work & Broadway shows for set inspirations etc. I never like to shoot what’s shown to me – I only use that as a guideline.”

Tejal Patni

See more about Tejal and his fantastic imaginative photography by visiting his official web site at the link below…

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  1. Not your average Alice in Wonderland vibe in this calendar sponsored by Splash Fashions. The setting seems one of Neil Gaiman’s dark dreams for The Sandman, made real by the pencils of Michael Zulli or Jill Thompson. Gothic and military are trending. Wait for gothicpunk fashion on the catwalks. More info here:

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