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Stefano Bonazzi – Dark, stunning and surreal

Stefano Bonazzi is a self-taught artist born in 1983 in Ferrara, the city where he currently lives and works. A lover of modern art, digital graphics, video art, architectural design and digital photography. His work is dark, stunning and surreal. Bonazzi’s subjects and their environments are eerily charming. He uses a combination of charcoal, digital photography and photo retouching to bring his surreal world to life. He firmly believes that there are exciting moments from the creative point of view, times when our emotional perceptions, for some reason, are amplified and allow us to capture aspects that go beyond normal feelings. Moments that can be extremely positive or negative but that allows us to see with new eyes, to grasp something new.

See more about Stefano and his wonderful surreal images by visiting his official web site at the link below…

Discovered by my dear Cindy Vriend whose blog I sincerely recommend…you can visit it at the link below…

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