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Charles Louis La Salle – The window to my imagination

Charles-Louis La Salle was born in Hanoi in 1938. He spent his childhood in Indochina and adolescence in Africa. He studied at the School of Decorative Arts (Arts D├ęco) in Paris where he arrived at the age of 18. Thereafter, he traveled throughout all of Europe seeking the sources of his inspiration and cultural identity. He settled in Provence in 1966.

From this point onward, he devoted himself solely to his vocation as a painter. Influences on his career have included the statuary of medieval Burgundy, the Flemish primitives as well as the giants of the Italian Renaissance. Both painter and sculptor, he is also an accomplished draughtsman, engraver and has experimented quite successfully in the field of lithography…

See more about this brilliant artist and his art works by visiting his official web site at the link below…

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