Minjae Lee Greno – Creating my world

Minjae Lee is a young artist from South Korea, which is largely self-taught. She creates her pictures using markers, crayons, colored pencils and acrylics.

See more about Minjae and her fantastic illustrations by visiting her official web site at the link below…



  • woooooow stunning fresh new Art vision.. i love it .. grabs you by the hair .. just when you think art has become a can of spray paint on a brick wall you have fantastic design and creative vision..
    best art ive seen in years .. regards to your huge future .. Johnny potts  

  • This Artist has a hip, new, beautifully rendered ability with human faces, in all their complexity, vibrant self decoration, youthful nihilism, and color, splashed with a sure and fearless hand!!!!

  • This Artist not only has the basics of realism down perfectly( not ever easy to accomplish when portraying the complexities of The Human Face) but takes this gift way way further, splashing these portraits with New Skool type bursts of vivid joyous color, whether depicting sadness, a certain ” hip” factor( which she can show, seemingly with a flick or two of her marvelous colors), or any other personal quality, she does this with amazing beauty, a sense of the unique, and a truly hipster vibe! IF she is NEW on the scene, I expect to be seeing mind blowing surprises of color light and emotion for many years to come!

  • Minjae Lee’s Art is exemplary in it’s tiniest details, such as realism, and depth perception of the BEAUTIFUL faces created!!!!! The faces, combined with the use of a splashy New Skool Graffitti effect, make this Artist a person to watch and enjoy for years to come, because if this Artist is NEW, We should be seeing AMAZING things as he continues to develop !!!!! In a WORD: W O W!!!!!!

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