Sarah Ann Loreth – The most important aspect of my life

“I’ve always made art. From painting to drawing I’ve always had the desire to create but I never had the passion to hone my skills. I started taking pictures religiously seven months ago and it just stuck. I HAD to go out and read every photography book I could find. I had to buy all the equipment I could afford. It’s become the most important aspect of my life.”

Sarah Ann Loreth

See more about this beautiful young artist and her creative photography by visiting her portfolio on Flickr…

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  • Sarah Ann Loreth takes some really incredible images. She devotes her heart and imagination to her artwork, and it truly shows in each and every single final composition! Gotta give it to her, this is one hell of a collection of images, and Sarah’s work just gets better and better. You’ve got one HECK of an imagination there, Ms. Loreth. It’s absolutely brilliant photography and manipulation. Sarah really shows that a variety of life experiences and interests can culminate in some truly awe-inspiring creations. I’ve got nothing but fantastic things to say about her work. My only hope is that one day the stars will align, our path will cross, and we’ll be able to work together. It’d be an honour to share mind-space with a creative soul like Sarah Ann Loreth! Lady, you’re true magic 🙂

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