Alexandra Sophie – Anywhere

“I like ice cream, witches and aliens. I love to wear dresses and run in the fields. I don’t like superficial things and I prefer everything in it’s natural form. I am aspiring to have a cosy and secure life. I stopped school early due to health problems, but I kept studying the world by myself, reading books, sitting anywhere and watching how humanity acts and moves.”

Alexandra Sophie

See more about this beautiful, young artist and her photography by visiting her official web site at the link below…


  • Amazing work ! Though I saw many pretty photos that I would have loved to see in this article (well, the ones you showed are amazing too but I saw prettier :D)

    Also… what are you waiting to contact her and feature her in your next issue ? That would be wonderful !

    • The artists that will be presented in the next edition are always secret till the date of publication…who knows…maybe I already did:)

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