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Jaeda DeWalt – Existing in extremes

“My emotions have me existing in extremes… from the deepest depths of despair to euphoric ecstasy. They have created new universes inside of me. I am free to experience them, enjoy them, because i don’t need to try and rationalize them, make sense of them. Sometimes logic is murder when it comes to the amazing life and world of emotions… feelings. Sometimes…. sometimes you just surrender.”

Jaeda DeWalt


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Dimitri Daniloff – Inspired by fantasy

Based in Paris, Photographer Dimitri Daniloff originally studied Mathematics and Science. At the age of 26 he received a camera as a gift and became enamored and obsessed with photography. He has been immersed in its world ever since.

While his work is often inspired by fantasy, he goes to great lengths to accomplish as much in camera as possible, minimizing dependence on post production effects. He relishes the opportunity to work with raw ideas and shape them piece by piece into reality.

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Pablo Ramos – Rhythm of art

“I’ve been fascinated with art my whole life, and for most of that time I’ve been peripherally involved with other people’s artistic ventures. But nothing quite satisfied the nagging desire I had to express my own creativity in a unique way. Nothing really resonated until a co-worker (who happened to be an illustrator) gave me the sound advice to buy a sketch book and sketch all manner of forms and shapes, that with time and patience I’d find my own rhythm and style of art.

Then, while visiting Tahiti in 2008, I witnessed some of the most amazing tattoos and tribal art I’d ever seen, not to mention the life style that was so free and refreshing. The experience permanently changed me, and a surge of energy consumed me.

All I’ve wanted to do since is pour my life onto blank pages. It’s a wonderful sense of freedom when I draw my contoured lines and watch them evolve into their own thing. No pre-thought is behind my creations–it’s strictly stream of consciousness. Nothing seems like mistakes or errors anymore, for each mark is part of my life, your life, and the life after you and I are gone.”

Pablo Ramos