MUSETOUCH is a magazine about visual arts. It has been created by Maia Sylba out of love and passion for art with the hope that people will be able to use the publication and website as a platform to showcase their skills and gain recognition. It is founded in 2010 with the mission to promote visual artists worldwide, both prominent professionals and talented amateurs yet to be discovered.
Musetouch magazine focuses on artistic, creative, imaginative and emotional creations with strong impact, but also on the authors themselves, regardless of whether they are professional or still relatively unknown but very promising and talented visual artists. Musetouch magazine is an open place, a different reality that doesn’t face any boundaries. It is distributed exclusively over the Internet, which additionally makes it an environmentally friendly magazine. ‘Readers often believe that there are a hundreds of people behind all the work done, which is usually the case with comparable magazines. But as far as Musetouch is concerned, the team consists of my brother, who is in charge of all the technical aspects, and myself who take care of the content, who identifies the artists, and contacts them, ensures the interviews with them, produces the cover and slogans etc. People recognize what is truly imaginative and for me that is the recipe for success. Our readers also feel it when the creator is deeply involved in his project, in this case, an artistic webzine. They feel that I love art, that I have a real passion for art, that I communicate to them in a personal way, whether it is my impressions of the artists whose work we publish or of their works. They can see and feel that I am absolutely convinced about everything I post and share with them and that is why they follow me. Musetouch is me and I am Musetouch. It’s that simple.’
Maia Sylba
‘I am proud of you Maia, for your work in Musetouch and also inspired…it is also as if language cannot contain nor express the passion dreams and art of the artists…but there you are on your golden surfboard riding on the tumultous waves of muse….you too a muse… my vision embraces the earth, the worlds, the many levels and dimensions of reality, fantasy, light and shadow, light and darkness…you know the work of Balthus and Lewis Carrol are part of that phrase. Diane Arbus wrote regarding do not fear to photograph what draws your heart and soul…for it is the child wherein dwells the dream…and we who live briefly beyond that time we were child..remain within child…and when there…we are not far from that time when we were before birth…coming from the great ocean of darkness and dreams to the ocean of light and awareness…it is said that ‘before we were, we were loved and named, and from the source of creation the yearning that we might grow and appear in our utmost beauty’…so I am drawn to the memory and the presence of the child with the fantasy and dreams…but not an idealized concept alone because even as children we are more aware and feeling and passionate than adults are williing to remember…if anything their is both a fear of that time an attempt to both supress the boundless energy and curiosity of childhood…to force the child to become filled with the rigid thinking gird of superstition and shame and repression…while in truth they are like hollow reeds from which the most beautiful thoughts and music can flow…all having deserved that mothers love, that milk and nurturing and celebration…that time of ones with the god of life, beauty and creation… that ebb and flow of beauty from the ocean of our dreams and desires, of our life and death…from whence we all come and go…so there…within this world and reality we dwell in…there is also the invisible but present dimensions of dream and fantasy…the delicate tendrils of love that encircle us with sweet breath….from which we are called upon to see, guard, protect and nourish… so I am lost in words…lost in the beauty and mystery that pervades the impulse of your Musetouch….for truly with our art and vision and music and dance and form we touch, we kiss and are kissed, embrace and are embraced…we rise, child and old grandparents, lovers, we rise and transcend this earthly form…like sweet fragrent wisps of spoke…yes words fail us…but we stand ever the child full of wonder by the night sea, neath the sky of endless stars…neath the pulsating throbbing rising undulating light.’
Mark Sadan, American photographer, film maker and visual artist, author of the Sesame Street
‘Maia is very talented and highly skilled professional with a unique vision.‘
Maria Soldier, Executive Director at Alex Soldier
‘Maia's dedication to the arts is sincere. Having worked with her in the past I can say that her professional standards are of the highest caliber. Her influence on the artworld significant.‘
Steven Kenny, Fine Artist, Medal and Coin Designer at United States Mint
‘Maia created Musetouch Magazine from scratch at a time when the network use was not as obvious as today , and since then she improved her skills and talents in every way at every step. She is experimented and possesses a strong real sense of visual aestethics,. So many artists have benefited from her unique way of making them shine within that very special jewel that is Musetouch. My admiration for Maia has never stopped growing. Intuitive, sharp, professional and innovative , she is a person that counts on the networks of today.‘
Jeff Roland, Visual Artist and Curator
‘Maia is a skilled publishing professional. She is a pleasure to work with and always treats her artists with respect. She has, and still does, represent a wide variety of art and artists and is enthusiastic about promoting their work. I highly recommend Maia to other artists and look forward to working with her again at Musetouch in the future.‘
Nadia Lazizi, Artist
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