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Natalie Shau – Fragile and powerful

Natalie Shau is illustrator and photographer from Lithuania (Vilnius). She works mainly in digital media and Natalie’s works are mixture of her photography, digital painting and 3D elements. She enjoys creating surreal and strange creatures, fragile and powerful at the same time. Natalie’s style was influenced a lot by religious imagery, fairytales illustrations classic horror literature and Russian classic literature such as Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Gogol etc.

Natalie Shau constantly keeps working on her own personal artwork and exhibitions, but also enjoys creating illustrations for music bands, fashion designers and writers. Her illustrations for Lydia Courteille jewelry campaign were published in french VOGUE magazine. Natalie’s client list consists of many music and advertisement labels such as: Island Def Jam, Ogilvy & Mather, Sony BMG, Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Trisol etc.

Art Artists Inspiration Photography

Chris Sparcklen – Tending to be visual

“I live in a village called Martock, in the South of England, and I’ve been shooting digital pictures reasonably seriously since November 2002. My current cameras are a Nikon D80 and a D300, which I’m very pleased with! I have 50mm (1.8), 18-200mmVR and 70-300mmVR Nikon lenses, as well as a Tamron 90mm macro, which give me a good range! I use Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Photoshop CS3, OnOne plug-ins and Photomatix Pro for editing and manipulating my images, and I use iPhoto and Keynote to present them. I’m a Mac user, currently working on a 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo MacBookPro that’s plugged into an Apple 23″ Cinema Display.”

Chris Sparcklen