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Antoine Blanchard -Impressionist of modern times

Antoine Blanchard was often introduced to collectors as the foremost artist of Parisian street scenes of his day. Like his predecessors, the French masters Galien-Laloue, Cortes, Loir and Utrillo, Blanchard has made an impact on contemporary art. He is considered one of the great impressionists of modern times.

Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Phan Thu Trang – Colorful comeliness

Phan was born in 1981 in Hanoi. In 2004 he graduated from Theatre and Cinema University and is a member of the Vietnam Young Painter Association.


1999 Students’ Exhibition in Hanoi

2000 Students’ Exhibition in Hanoi

2001 Students’ Exhibition in Hanoi

2003 Group Exhibition of Younger Painter Association in Hanoi

2004 Group Show in Hanoi

2005 International Art Fair in Singapore in September- October Group Show in Singapore


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Leping Zha – Truly magical images

Leping Zha concentrates his passion in grand landscapes as well as fine natural patterns in both western and eastern worlds. Constantly searching and studying the forms, order, balance, inner relationship, grandeur, and drama of nature, he has been tirelessly exploring to capture truly magical images with ultimate quality and finesse to transcends the subjects into impeccable art elements, and to integrate both eastern and western artistic influences into his personal style of expression.


Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Ismo Jokaiho – Never ending process

“I was born in 1965 in a place called Saarijärvi in the middle of Finland. Currently I live in a city called Tampere working as an artist. I began to paint when I was about twenty after a one crucial trip to different European art museums. After that experiment my interest for painting grew.

After my graduation in 1992 from the cultural studies and arts at the University of Joensuu I started to paint regularly. As an artist I consider myself as a D.I.Y artist and a self-teaching painter, because art is never ending process for me. My early paintings were influenced by the expressionism and my personal life situations and realities. Those days I searched clarity, purity and straightforwardness of expression. I used to paint by using paints squeezed straight out from the tubes instead of mixing the colours while painting. I was aiming my inspirations and feelings on canvas straight and raw. I used to paint like a bird sings, spontaneously and free.

After that followed the strict period of abstract paintings. My goal at that period was to make paintings that have the strongest effect without any hard efforts. The subjects of paintings were actually faded out as much as possible. The main question for me at that time was what are the limits of painting so that it still can be called a painting. The idea was a kind of deconstruction of formal conventions of the idea of painting. Eventually I found Sumi-e style of painting in December 2006. As an art form, Sumi-e gave me all the elements I needed for creating: Purity, intensity, chaos, power, perfection, discipline and beauty. Nowadays I am painting again with figurative motifs and subjects but the attitude toward painting has not change a bit from the beginning.

My works and pictures are usually made in ink and oil colors. These are the two main styles and medias I´ll use. Lately I have been used also aquarells. My works are reflections to my internal and the external life. In my work I´ll try to put my life-experiences visible as a whole. My surroundings and the presence of people in my life are very important to me, challenging and lively, but they do not appear as recognizable personalities in my works. In my art realism intertwined with fantasy, while maintaining a full-time touch with reality. My works is becoming increasingly “human condition” of humanity and the possibilities of a purely increasingly complex world, targeting with life’s passion, flair, and awareness of the common life forces. My way of working is simple, easy and quite unsystematic. I´ll usually work with traditional tools, brushes, oils, canvases, paper etc. The source material for much of my work comes from all kind of different structures and ideas that surround me, physically and mentally and my inspirations come straight from life, ideas, interactions and the battle of the moments between knowledge and emptiness. I work by adding a slightly more broad outlines of the material and color, and if necessary, I ´ll take them away, again and again – as long as the work starts to communicate with me and responds to my suggestions. It is characteristic to my working as artist that I respect also the so-called “damages” and “coincidences” as part of the process. I’ll try to keep myself open.”

Ismo Jokaiho

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Alessandro Attombri – A paradox

The Italian artist Attombri Alessandro was born in Treviso (Italy). Diploma recipient in the school of art of the artistic school. A artist works from years in the plan of realization of his modern current of art of the III millennium that he notes that the world change and the demand of be polyvalent critical, expert of the nets of communication web, discoverer of current innovative, operator of systems graphic informatics and attracted from scientific matters. Inspiration to the material and to the plasticity, the modern art discovers a motive of existence life. The art, human essence, it find climate of survival today: a paradox! The three-dimensional, in the his thematic, like an emotional palpable involvement, a sign of tangible creativeness that invites The colour to share in the reality, forced to get out of the two-dimensional to drag along the subject “voluptuous,” it get rich of energy to transmit the signs of emotion. He same is a researcher. The thematic adopted, one squirt in the picture underlining the importance of the subject. This thematic has been dipped the days to renovate and to rewind from new light. The artist therefore, he occur again because the same purpose of the art and of the painter, the man dig deeper for the truth . He has looked out upon a CULTURAL SEAM of art innovative for the III° MILENIUM. Explored in the particular minimum, he is been bare a new movement that will grow slowly but with strength, the collective human because intrinsic interests of concepts universal. This new involve cultural influx must be still definite, but he will have presented in the next future. The art, in all his history, it has to draw from oneself same an implicit concept, but with the search in action perhaps could have been characterized it and do it emerge…

Art Artists Inspiration Photography

Kenneth Parker – Capturing beauty

Kenneth Parker is a large-format landscape colorist working principally in remote pristine wilderness areas throughout the world where he has trekked and kayaked extensively. He is inexorably drawn to the elemental earth/ocean forces and their compelling magic, translating into arresting imagery the depths of these feelings, rich in power, radiant. His early experience as fine art color pioneer Eliot Porter’s field assistant helped to nurture a loving eye devoted to isolating and capturing the mysteries in nature that he struggled for decades to unravel as a research scientist in oceanography and global climate change…

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