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Raghuveer Makala – Incredible waterfalls

Raghuveer Makala is amazingly talented photographer having a special feeling when it is about all wonderful parts of the world around us. He is representing the nature in a specific way, revealing the deepness of all its beauties. This series is truly beautiful and it is my honor to share it with you. You can see more of Raghuveer’s photography if you visit the site below…


Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Sally Swatland – Memoirs of Summer

Sally Swatland was born in 1946 in Washington, DC and moved to Greenwich, Connecticut when she was seven. Her father was a successful attorney, which allowed her family to spend long periods in the countryside with many vacations at various seaside locations throughout the United States. She shared a passion with her family for beaches, sunshine, and fresh air. Most summer days were spent at the beach playing in tidal pools, chasing minnows, collecting shells and exploring.

Sally has two sisters who were also encouraged to study drawing, painting, and anything that developed creative expression. Throughout her childhood and teens she painted and drew constantly, developing skill at observing and recording the world around her. She started painting when she was five. Throughout grammar school, high school and college she was always enrolled in art classes. She has always had a passion for art and loves experimenting with color and light…


Art Artists Illustration Inspiration

Matthieu Bessudo – At the center of a surrealist world

Matthieu Bessudo, Mc Bess,  is a French illustrator living in London. His style is a mix of influences such as Fleischer Studios old cartoons he actualizes by using contemporary shapes, symbols and types. Mc Bess drawings often represent himself at the center of a surrealist world filled with food and musical references, such as amps, guitars and records. He’s also a musician in the band “The Dead Pirates”.