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Jelena Glisic – LoveLeyla

“My name is Jelena Glisic and I stand behind LoveLeyla website and brand.

I started making jewelry 5 years ago and I was very much into beads. Today I use so many different materials when creating new pieces. And today it’s not only jewelry. I make hair accessories, belts, some bridal accessories and I also do some knitting and wool felting. I simply loooove to create, so there’s no material that I wouldn’t give a try 🙂

I always feel inspired, but often I can not find enough time. About my future plans: graduating, learning new techniques, continuous crafting, blogging and surfing and one day my own little shop.”

Jelena Glisic

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Linda Nelson – Constant inspiration

“Linda’s inspiration for her paintings stems from her life on the family’s farm, which was home to five generations. Bunnies in the garden, kittens in the hayloft and fuzzy lambs in the meadow were prized finds during her explorations of the farm. Grandma Belle’s recollections of her life as a young girl during horse and buggy days always fascinated Linda. Today, Linda finds new and constant inspiration from her surroundings, whether it is a breathtaking sunset or the beautiful snow covered hills of Connecticut.”