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Anjeanette Hoer – A window to the beauty

“Raised by the blue water in Port Huron, Michigan, I knew I wanted to be an Artist since about age 5. Living across the United States gave me a great window to the beauty and expressions of nature and people. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Illustration. Now happily settled in Hendersonville, TN, pursuing my Master’s of Art Illustration and Masters of Art Teaching.”

Anjeanette Hoer

You can see more about this wonderful artist and her artworks by visiting her official web site at the link below…

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Brian DeMint – Imaginative reality

“The best photographs whether simple or complicated, are those that produce emotions.” Peter Lindbergh. This is another quote that I have taken to heart… I think the immediate reaction to this statement is that one has to be iconoclastic or turn out overwrought themes that produce strong emotions… and I have done pieces on topics such as drug use, self-mutilation, depression and religious iconography, However, these themes have been humanistic in their approach to influence the viewer to commiserate with the subject and not for shock value. The current work is much more subtle and fashion orientated… I think through the news and other Media we are under a constant bombarded of violence, hate and all manners of grotesque behavior, and that has encouraged me to show the opposite, as it were… lovely models in sometimes strange attire that borders on fairy tale scenes that hopefully produce a more euphoric and calming response from the viewer… classic beauty and elegance coupled with unique styling and the latest ideas in digital editing…

Brian DeMint

See more about Brian and his wonderful imaginative photography in the new edition of Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine…