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Laura Pattison – Mosaics

“Brit living in Spain, new to mosaic, and as everyone says, totally addicted. So glad ive found an outlet for my artistic tendancies, i went to art school, (graphic design) but never finished the course, (my one big regret, but i was young , what can i say!!) Started drawing again recently but it wasn’t fulfilling enough, found flickr after searching for some images, and found mosaics, thanks to all the generous mosaic artists.”

Laura Pattison


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Tim Flach – Wild horses

Tim Flach  is a photographer best known for his highly conceptual portraits of animals, particularly horses. His images of animals are a departure from traditional wildlife photography and he has been described as “a potent example of a commercially trained photographer who’s now reaching a global audience through the boom in fine art photography.” He is the author of the book Equus.

You can see more about Tim and his fantastic photography by visiting his official web site at the link below…