Art Artists Inspiration Photography

Mal Smart – Feel something deeper

“I was born in Glasgow Scotland. I am a keen amateur photographer mainly specialising in landscape photography but it is rare that I do not have a camera in my hand, so any scene that interests me is a pleasure to photograph. My father was a photographer and from the age of 12 I was taking photo’s with his SLR and medium format cameras. I love old film formats but more recently have embraced the digital era, I’m really not too worried which medium I use these days, in fact I still use an old Zenith on occasions my very first SLR that I owned as as a 12 year old. I have no grand explanation of my style but it is my hope that viewer may feel something deeper than just a pretty or well presented scene, if it moves you in some way then that is satisfaction enough for me.”

Mal Smart

Art Artists Inspiration painting

Roberto Alexander – The colors of carnival

Roberto Alexander is a talented painter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His magnificent abstract paintings are bringing the colors of the famous carnival. Roberto has studied at the Rio de Janeiro State University and his paintings are in many museums and private collections all over the world.