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Dmitry Stanyakina – The world is my home

Professional photographer Dmitry Stanyakina is well known by his magnificent panoramic photography works. Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software, that captures images with elongated fields of view. It is sometimes known as wide format photography. The term has also been applied to a photograph that is cropped to a relatively wide aspect ratio.


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Jens Nagel – An artist, painter, traveler

” I was born on first July 1963 in Waren/Müritz, Germany. I am an artist, painter, travel with pleasure, work and form in my exoticism art garden in Lychen/district of Retzow of one size by chance to 8,000 square metres has. There is an extensive Gehölz collection, as for example magnolias.”

Jens Nagel