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Yasmina Alaoui and Marco Guera – One thousand and one dreams

Artist Yasmina Alaoui and photographer Marco Guerra love to tantalize their audience. In their life-sized photographic series “one thousand and one dreams”, statuesque bodies appear frozen in time, covered from head to toe in meticulously detailed, contemporary Arabic Henna patters. Captivated by the realism and sculptural quality of each human form, the viewer becomes lost in an illusion. Each artwork begins with a black and white nude photograph by Guerra. Layers of Alaoui’s complex ink drawings are then fused with the portrait, with breathtaking results. Originally from Chile and Morocco respectively, the couple were inspired by the Thousand and one nights – a legendary collection of tales from the Middle east – and the magic surrealism of South American literature.

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Kristina Karlsen – The color of my mind

“I’m a painter from Buskerud, Norway. I paint with watercolor and acrylic, where with watercolors I do it a little bit different than you usually see. My technique is dry paper and a lot of pencil, and a dash of humour. With my acrylics I go a bit bigger on canvas. I love details and realism, but I can also play with form and colors and experiment with my mind on the canvas. I’m a versatile artist and will not stop until I’ve tried it all.”

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