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Denise Grunstein – My own Wonderland

Denise Grunstein has been represented by CameraLink since the agency’s inception. She is one of the best known and most highly respected profiles in Swedish photography.Her images are easily recognized for their characteristic, intensely present, highly personal and quite romantic artistic expression. Considered one of Sweden´s foremost portrayers of people, be they models, actors, dancers, directors or authors, she has a unique ability to imprint her own feelings and temperament on film.

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Ian Macarthur – Obsessed

“Born in 1986 in England Swindon.Iv became a fanatic of art at the age of eight in which I was introduced in art through watching a lot of cartoon shows and comic books. First ever comic I looked at was the batman series. Since then iv been obsessed with drawing odd fantasy drawings and anime characters.

When I got older I diverted from anime drawings to realistic figures and faces, always striving to make them more detailed and photorealistic, I always do one or two drawings ever since, I also carry a sketch book around all the time on my travels drawing on the bus or in a coffee shop, I enjoy doing it and helps me improve drawing people more better, which shows how motivated and inspired I am in art.”

Ian Macarthur

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