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Emma Tempest – Unique

Emma Tempest is a fashion photographer. Her photography is very unique and eye catching. It is a mix of sensuality, a cinematic and fantastical style. She creates beautiful scenes full of emotion. Emma’s work was published in Mulberry, Davidoff, The Financial Times, The Telegraph and Vogue UK.

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Yan Yaya – The sacred place

Yan Yaya has won award for “China’s Best New Artist and Work in Oil Painting”. Her work Longing was featured in the 10th National Arts Exhibition. Her works have been collected by galleries, art galleries, and collectors in USA, Germany, Canada, Singapore, India, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She has also published works and papers in journals such as China Oil Painting, Art, Art Field, Art Survey, and Journal of Art. She attended Department of Fine Arts, Northwest University for Nationalities and the 9th Graduate Class of Department of Oil Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts.

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