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Jenny Marie Smith – In my mind

“I create because, well…I just have this urge to create. I was born with it. It’s completely unexplainable and I don’t know where it comes from. My purpose is to add permanence to the ideas and images that drift through my head and hopefully, at the same time, create something visually pleasing that others will enjoy.”

Jenny Marie Smith

Read an exclusive interview with Jenny, written by Maia Sylba, in the new edition of Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine…


Art Artists Illustration Inspiration

Annie Owens – Affection, malice, distrust, pain and love

Annie is a beautiful, talented painter and her work is primarily rendered in watercolors and ink on paper. Her figurative paintings depict sullen faced girls who confront viewers with sometimes malicious stares, sometimes with a baleful gaze. The figures represent qualities within familial relationships and the varying complicated degrees of affection, malice, distrust, pain and love which exist within them.

See more about Annie and her unique art by visiting her official web site at the link below…