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Steve Richard – Cloud busting

“My latest finished project is called Cloud Busting and is now available as a book that was printed in Italy this September by Zanardi. This was one of my favorite series to date and I was lucky enough to be able to work with some very talented dancers and models. In addition to my usual minimalistic environment, this series made use of a powder to wrap and frame the body. I loved that the images are captured while the powder is in a form that only exists for a very short time (a fraction of a second). This for me is a wonderful metaphor for something that is so fleeting like beauty…”

Steve Richard

See more about Steve and his magical photography art in the new edition of Musetouch visual arts magazine…


Strychnin Gallery – Valley of Dolls

On September 9th four of today’s most exciting and well-established doll-designers will come together to Strychnin Gallery and display their newest creations in the course of our upcoming group show titled “Valley of Dolls”. The Strychnin Gallery will be featuring Marmite Sue, Eric Van Straaten, Virginie Ropars and Elena and Ekaterina Popovy.

Exquisite and precious materials, extremely elaborate handicraft as well as outstanding design concepts result in extraordinaire work that are cherished and sought after all over the world.Renowned for their distinctive styles these artists, influenced by different trends of the art and fashion worlds, constantly interpret and redefine the notion of beauty and thereby create works that enthusiastically strike the eyes of their beholders. The balanced mixture of dark and mysterious, but also elegant and adorable attributes constitute to this twisted beauty that makes these artworks so special and exceptionally well- received by their audience.

Strychnin Gallery

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