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Adele Elizabeth – The scope of the mind

“I’m an Artist, Filmmaker and Player who grew up in the world of theatre where the art of imagination knows no bounds.

My Nanna always said I was born in the wrong era. I guess that is partially true. Most of my inspiration comes from the past, from those who walked before me. The pioneers of film making, the actors of ‘yesteryear’, the Blues men and their sonic storytelling and the performance artists who long ago figured out how to create spectacular art from nothing.

BUT I am a product of Now..”

Adele Elizabeth

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Art Artists Inspiration Photography

Robert Moses Joyce – Into obscure and magical places

“Photography is such a great way to share your perspective. I wish that everyone could see what I see, even just a glimpse! I’m interested in making films for the same reason. I like how tangible it is. The light hitting the film through a chunk of glass, and in turn actually holding a print is a magical process, and the feeling is unbeatable! It’s also a way to be making something while doing anything or being anywhere. I feel like it motivates me to travel, and meet new people and get to know their surroundings better. I want to meet all of you beautiful people! That’s my goal really, is just to be a seeker, and to open myself to the connectivity of everything… by the time I’m done, I hope to have a big patchwork of universal vibrations flowing freely. To share love, and to live there.”

Robert Moses Joyce

See more about this incredible artist and his photography art by visiting his portfolio on Flickr at the link below…