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Joana Dias – The true calling

Joana Alves Dias was born in the 22nd of March in 1989 in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, where she was raised.

It was early in her life when she found her true calling. No matter the shape it takes, she appreciates and embraces all kinds of art. It all started in her childhood with the dream of being a fashion designer, sketching fantasy dresses and with the strong belief that one day they will be shown on a runway in a famous city. As time passed the clothing went to second plan, and she began to take more interest in the models, human features, interaction, placing them in different environments…

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Lois Greenfield – In motion

Lois Greenfield is a talented photographer who became famous by her ability to capture the human form in motion. She studied anthropology at Brandeis University in the late 1960s. After graduating from Brandeis University in 1970, she started working towards this goal, freelancing for Boston’s counter-cultural newspapers, photographing everything from maximum-security prisons to rock concerts. Throughout this prolific career, Lois has continued to photograph both the world’s most well known dance companies as well as talented emerging artists, while maintaining a thriving commercial photography business.

See more about this beautiful artist and her photography art by visiting her official web site at the link below…