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Patty Maher – She creates anyway

“I think the best thing I’ve discovered through self-portraiture is that my inner 5 year old is alive and well and still loves dressing up in costumes! However the most rewarding discovery has been the process itself – spending time with myself creating something. It’s very quiet and almost meditative, and I find no matter what kind of day I’ve had I emerge feeling calm and centered.”

Patty Maher

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Felix Mas – The realm of beauty

“Felix Mas was born Barcelona and trained at the “Artes y Oficios” and later at the “Escuela Superior de San Jorge”. Felix Mas artistic education was further developed by extensive travelling in Europe and the United States, before returning to his home town, Barcelona to work as an illustrator and designer. His works were first exhibited in 1966 in a group exhibition at the “Galeria Jaimes” Barcelona. Mas continued exhibiting in Spain until 1974 when following a visit to Venezuela on the occasion of his first one-man show, he decided to settle in Caracas where he lived for six years…”

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