Alice Arisu – Possible expression of feminity

Alice Arisu was born in 1987 in Milan. She got a degree in Cultural Heritage and is currently studying Theories and Methods for Communication at the University of Milan.She loves contemporary art, kitsch, vintage furnishings, England, writings and advertising. Her artistical approach is also bound to advertising: her images are prompt, straightforward, her sentences just like catchy slogans. She investigates the sphere of uneasiness in each of its forms: while dealing with others and with ourselves, while (not) recognizing ourselves in a mirror, while living in a wrong body, whose hold we lost, or which has been violated; while seeing it corrupting outside and inside.

Recently, collage has given her the possibility to analyse the sad microcosm of female figure as it’s seen by stereotypes and medias (not necessarily historical ones, besides the retro imagery), flattened and bound in a humiliating role.

To be analysed with bitter irony are thoughts and feelings of as smiling as false woman, distorted, living an unnatural life, imposed to them as unique (only? boh!) possible expression of femininity.

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