Allison Diaz – Haunted Mirrors, an exclusive interview by Nini Baseema

“A couple of months ago, I heard a story on National Public Radio about Prosopagnosia, or “face blindness.” It’s a psychological disorder that, for the man in the story, made it impossible for him to recognize even his girlfriend. The story ended with them breaking up, and while the girlfriend would sometimes walk by the cafe he worked at and see him, he never realized it was her. After that, I wanted to play with the brain’s perception of faces. The first piece I made was a combination of a male and female face. The original portraits came from a cigarette ad in a 70s Life Magazine. They were both perfect, both respectively very masculine and feminine…”

Allison Diaz

Read an exclusive interview with Allison, written by Nini Baseema in the new edition of Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine…

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