Arturo Ianniello – The visible and invisible

Arturo Ianniello was born in Salerno in 1982. He approaches the world of art since his teenage years, despite not having attended istitutions of art or art schools in his higher studies. After high school, he enrolled at the Academy of Art in Naples, near the chair of professor Ciriaco Campus, where he continues his personal journey already undertaken before his enrollment in the Academy. He usually lives and work in Teggiano where he has his studio, except for some periods of the year in which he lives in Naples.

His works have a profound existential value. They portray the scratches on the soul and the unspoken loneliness, of uncontrollable anger and emotional twists. The material used are metals, textiles, plastic, bags and ropes. By interpretation, emerges the exigency of an intimate revision that leads the observer to intimate paths of meditative reflections. Introspection is the focal point of his work, whether for the enjoyment of the work or for the creative journey and the moments that the author experiences. In his work, he re-elaborates and reworks the visible and invisible to a deeper layer of perception, drawing from the folds of life that surrounds him.

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