Bonifacio Castello – Absolutely irrational

Bonifacio Castello, was born in Matera in 1973. In 1992, he got the high school diploma, dealing with art subjects; 1996 he got the diploma in the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, painting department. Then an experimental period began, with a special attention to oil painting on wood, canvases through which he began looking for new ways of expressing his art.

” My research is based on the Origin, recalling with a great sensible attitude the first moments after the creation. Anthropomorphic creatures spring up inside a world permeated with the chaos of an inner guerrilla…. convulsive signs, moved by spasmodic energies, gush out from the surface with violence and become significant matrix. ”

Bonifacio Castello

The whole activity of Bonifacio is permeated with a profound meaning, an essence that keeps on excavating and carving barbarically the whole surface, punched with coloured interwoven patterns. Absolute feature of his works is the mark, spontaneous, immediate and absolutely irrational, thus linked directly with the sliding doors of the human mind. A mark that at first destroys the depicted uniformity to create a new dimension of the subject, in a universe throbbing with a new life. It is an introspective tour through the substance, through those dark bends of our conscience; the action flows rapidly, the gesture releases the superfluity thus zooming in on inside the substance microcosm. The artist unearths many aspects, invisible to the human eye. Many of his declarations are filled with this great strength.

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