Can Uluer – Painting sensuality

Can Uluer, son of a painter father (, borned in Ankara Turkey in 1960. Since little childhood  he was interested with the painting art.  After he studied Archeology and History of Art, in 1980 he opened his own ceramic studio. Some of his works was placed in different residences. He had his first exibition in 1983 Ankara Yap Kredi Art Gallery. In 1989 with his brother in the memory of his father and where his father’s paintings are exibited, he opened a museum restaurant. Meanwhile in Istanbul he continues the painting and conception works. He was interested with the restoration, the constraction of buildings, and with Architectural designs.  He is still continuing  painting and ceramic works in his studio in Istanbul and sometimes in Italy.

” I’m influenced by  the nature and earth because earth is the beginning and the end of everything, all the minerals are on the earth, the same is on the sun too, if there is no sun there is no life, energy, force, warmth. The nature is lightned by the sun and the lightening, the colours that gives on top of creatures.
Time: The corrosion that gives the time. From all these my colours becames.  The interest that I have for the earth and sun was the reason that I started to do ceramic. Ceramic is the combination of clay and fire.
To feel  the  clay with my hands and to shape it, creates me another sense and another think ceramic is resisting  to the time. Ceramic is standing from older times to now and to future.
Why nudes?
Womens in nature are the symbols of  productivity,  sex and  desire.  The sense that gives the softnes, the sexy curls, the lights, the shadows of their bodies.
The aesthtic of the swollen muscles that the strongness has mens.
The influence with the nature of the human bodies, has up on the development period, the corrosion, the worn-out and the pastel colours, texture, simplicity and harmony that gives the broken pieces.”

Can Uluer