Art Artists Collage digital art Inspiration

Diego L. Rodriguez – The desire

“I’m Diego L. Rodríguez, a self-taught Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Spain. I’ve been always passionated by graphics and visuals, having my bigger influences from cinema, music videos, Japanese animation & comic books. I have a degree in Audiovisual Production and Digital Photography. I studied Publicity at the UCM University in Madrid from 2004 to 2008 with the desire to direct my creativity to the advertising field. Over those years I started to combine digital graphics and photography, working for a few years as photographer. At the same time, I get involved with some digital art collectives, changing completely my vision, and swerving my work to illustration & mix media…”

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Art Artists digital art Illustration Inspiration

Mikiko Ponczeck – Only a dream

“I’m a German-japanese freelancer working in Comics, Manga, Game Art, TV, teaching and illustration. In 8 years of freelancing I have worked for many clients both commercial and private, covering areas such as cover illustrations, concept art, ortho sheets, editing, lettering and colouring of comics, storyboarding and personal tutoring…”

Mikiko Ponczeck

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Art Artists digital art Inspiration

Jose Reis – Reflection

“I’m a digital artist with 5 years of experience. I’m passionate about fashion photography, creativity, advertising, photomanipulation and digital art. I’m working currently as a digital artist in Lalaland Studios (fashion photography) with one of the best fashion photographers in Portugal (Frederico Martins). I love fashion and beauty photography and everything related with digital art. I’m devoted to Photoshop, and everyday I’m trying to improve my skills.”

Jose Reis

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