Cholo Apolo – Enjoy the moment:)

” Well, i am not sure what to say about me , I consider myself to be a nice guy who loves enjoying life and always being happy, even though sometimes we have to struggle for something, I like being positive and arts help me to find that happiness. I can say the most I like in life is painting, drawing, designing and making images in general. Currently I work more as a graphic & web designer and I love it , as I think there is always something new to learn about coding.

I was born in Peru, and lived there until I was 11 years old, when I emigrated to Spain to live with my mum and my brother, our life wasn’t easy at the beginning in Madrid, as my mum was single and had to work a lot to raise her two children, that’s something that I will always be grateful for. I started painting graffiti probably when I was 12 or 13 years old, I always loved drawing but those big paintings in walls really amazed me so I thought: hey I have to try that and see if I can get to do something cool!!

I am happy I started painting graffiti, as I remember in those times some of my friends used to spend their money in drugs, and I wasn’t , I was spending my money in doing something productive, even though my mum at the beginning didn’t like it, as I was getting in trouble with the police .

When I was 19 ( I think) I started Fine arts degree at Universidad Complutense of Madrid, for that time I did paint some canvases and did an exhibition to show my paintings, I have no clue where the pictures of those paintings are, but if I find them i might send them to you one day 🙂 I learnt quite a lot at University, and I loved it being there , but after my 3rd year I thought I needed to move on and explore another places, therefore I applied to do erasmus , so I did my 4th year of University at the School of arts and design at Colchester Institute, I liked a lot Colchester- England as soon as I arrived here, so I studied one year and then I stayed another year just working, painting a lot, doing graphic design, and working shifts in a restaurant , by the way I love cooking 🙂

After 2 years in England, I applied to do another exchange program at University, this time I wanted to go a bit further and applied for an scholarship to go to study in Mexico. I went there almost 2 years ago and stayed there for 9 months, I studied graphic design at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and have to say it was lovely, they teach very good graphic design in that University. It was a beautiful adventure in Mexico but after I finish my term there I decided to come back to Colchester.

Now I am working as graphic/web designer in a small company, I like it cause we are a small but very good and friendly team . I still do some painting of course! canvas and walls, and sometimes I do some graffiti commissions to get some extra money.

I love my life here , but I am sure I will move probably in a couple of years, maybe I go back to Spain with my family, or maybe I’ll go somewhere else for a new experience as I love traveling! who knows? I prefer not to think too much about it at the moment and enjoy the moment. ”

Cholo Apolo

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