Cute animated video for Sweet Tooth’s “Everybody Wants to be in Love”

Everbody wants to be in love Sweet Tooth are a London-based duo consisting of chanteuse Fleurtini and producer Gavin Hammond. Their sound is an elegant cocktail of film-noir jazz, underground electronica and retro guitar pop. Without missing a beat, they combine electro-swing, 1950s lounge, Brixton dub, Hollywood glamour, comic book culture and kitsch sci-fi soundtracks.

The video for their first single “Everybody wants to be in love” was shot by David Packer of Sheep Films UK. It was made by printing a number of beautiful illustrations that Aaron Bevan-Bailey had drawn for the band onto pieces of card. Packer cut them out and arranged them on a table with pieces of wire to hold them up. He then used a copy stand and digital camera to film the camera moves, using the ruler on the stand to move the camera a millimetre at a time. Sometimes he would film the camera move twice with different lighting set ups and then fade between them in after effects.

The result is truely beautiful and perfectly resembles the band’s film noir style!

Sweet Tooth "Everybody wants to be in love"
Music video

Everybody wants to be in love (video)

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