Daniel Malbasa – Amazing expressionist revival

Daniel is a free artist, painter and drama writer from Sombor, Serbia.


“This is amazing expressionist revival of the spirit where the author is rebuilding and Oskar Kokoschka and Edvard Munch and Milan Konjovića in so pure, so simple and representative manner.”

Dr. Drasko Redjep

“In the best tradition of expressionism, Munk and Noldea, with the addition of found objects and unusual frames achieved opus Sombor painter Daniel Malbasa. Very sincerely and with high emotion, Malbasa painting portraits and figures and pasty spread wide brushes and strong colors, ranging from strong to quite shaded tones. These characters express the fear and despair before the trials of life, and often act licentiously in a desperate desire to have complete freedom. In any case, we have before it a strong and very productive, creative personality, from which it can be a lot more expect. ”

Andrei Tisma

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