Debra Haden – Artist unusual

Debra Haden was born and raised in the mid-west. Creative from the start, Haden was influenced by her mother’s creative abilities and painting skills, and her grandmother’s artistic sewing prowess. She also drew various inspiration from her father a creative author, and her grandfather that carried a “musical gene”. After completing her B.S. in clothing and textiles, Haden started her creative career on the east coast. It was then that she officially picked up a paint brush and created a collection of femme fatale paintings. The apparel industry, while challenging and glamorous paid very little and she knew there must be a more satisfying way to make a living. Haden vowed that if she were to be creative she would only work for herself. It was upon moving to California in 2005 that she began to paint seriously, and can now be found showing artwork and throwing events throughout Venice, Santa Monica,and Los Angeles.

Haden founded the Feminine Oddities officially in 2006. And has used the company as a springboard for her performance talents of dance, acting, singing, and humor. Influenced by many great old time performers such as Fred Astaire, her stage name evolved into Deb’onaire. Haden has also been contracted as a costumer and millinery designer for her own shows as well as other productions. Glimpses of Haden’s lingerie design background can be found throughout her various works.

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