Gary Walters – From artist’s heart

Gary Walters, a Christian artist and a native of Jackson, Mississippi, has lived in Jackson all his life except for two years that he spent in Texas. He and his wife, Joan, presently live in Jackson. They have four grown children:Doug,Daniel,Jill and Jacob the other artist on this site and seven grandchildren.

Gary attended the Jackson Public Schools through the 10th grade, then moved to Deer Park, Texas, where he graduated from high school. Gary’s father sparked his interest in art at an early age. Walters attended Hinds Junior College and studied with Louis Walsh and Katherine Denton where he won honors as the school’s most outstanding art student. While attending Mississippi College he studied with Dr. Sam Gore and received the Bellaman Award for the most creative art student. Gary later earned a Masters Degree from Mississippi College.

Over the past 35 years Walters has had numerous one man shows. He has also taught art for Mississippi College, Mississippi State University, Hinds Community College, Belhaven College, and many workshops on painting. In 1993, he was honored as the Art Alumnus of the Year for Mississippi College. He is represented in many public and private collections throughout the United States. Walters has been featured in : MISSISSIPPI MAGAZINE, DELTA MAGAZINE, THE CLARION LEDGER, SCOPE MAGAZINE, WLBT , VIP MAGAZINE – etc.

“I consider each work of art as an adventure or trip you have never been on before. I believe the subject to be mainly an inspiration point. I feel no matter what the outside subject happens to be, the real subject should be the painting itself. If the artist makes a valid statement it comes not from the subject, but from the artist’s knowledge, skill, and above all his heart.”

Gary Walters

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