Jabu Mzilikazi – The truth of Abstraction

Jabu is an accomplished international artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally. His work has been acquired by private individuals, dignitaries and celebrities and various institutions across the world.

” I believe that art is an emotional outlet that helps me deal with life’s challenges of different magnitude in a positive way. I was born and raised in South Africa where racism and oppression became my main motivation for creativity my artwork stems from the South African revolution. The revolution began when Apartheid was imposed on the South African native people. However, My artwork reflects my African background as this is my origin. Most of my ideas stem from Africa first, but this is not a dogma, because my work is also inspired by other experiences outside of my origin. I find myself in a modern society, which has a lot of influence on the kind of materials I choose to work with. Over the years, I have developed different styles for my artistic expression however, the style I employ now has flexibility and a range of interpretations. I choose my subjects by their relevance to society however, how relevant they may be is something I can’t tell for sure. In my recent works there is little or no recognizable imagery. In the end I don’t wish do mimic life instead I seek to use forms that are filled with vibrant colors to celebrate LIFE. ”

Jabu Mzilikazi


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