Jadranka Bezanovic Sovilj – Touch, love and affection

Jadranka Bezanovic Sovilj is an artist from Belgrade, Serbia. She has a degree obtained from the Faculty of the Applied Arts, University of Belgrade. As an individual and group artist, she has been showcasing her take on modern art in Serbia for decades. Nowadays she is sharing her skills with young people, teaching at schools.

Her favorite technique is a combination of collages and dry crayons, but often gets her hands dirty with water colors, ink or oil, trying to achieve the finest possible expression. Her work includes nudes, portraits, overall unusual atmospheric themes where you feel the portrayed intention to seek, feel, touch and find love or affection.

Jadranka Bezanovic Sovilj creates for herself and for those who choose to share the feeling with her. She is living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. Married, with two sons.