Jaroslaw Datta – Lost in a dream

“When they ask to see your gods, 

  Your book of prayers, 

  Show them lines drawn delicately 

  With veins on the underside of a bird’s wing. 

  Tell them you believe in giant sycamores, 

  Mottled and stark against a winter sky. 

  And in night’s so frozen 

  Stars crack open, 

  Spilling streams of molten ice to Earth. 

  And tell them how you drank 

  The holy wine of honeysuckle 

  On a warm spring day.

  And of the softness of your mother,

  Who never taught you death was life’s reward; 

  But who believed in the earth, 

  And the sun, 

  And in a million, million light years of being.”


J.L. Stanley, ”Catechism for a Witch’s Child”

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