Joseph P. Fernandez – My vision

“From a young age, observation and interpretation have been driving forces within me. These forces have always instilled in me a need to create and to present my ideas to the world. Through my life-long love of reading, writing, and making things with my hands, I have explored many methods and materials to make my visions come to life.

I continued with my creative expressions through my years serving in the U.S. Navy and through college, despite the warnings of many well-meaning people. I was often warned that a life devoted to art would bring me only suffering — that despite whatever talent I might have, I would need to find a different way to earn a living. But anyone who has experienced the ravenous hunger to create understands that this appetite doesn’t diminish in the face of practical issues. I could not suppress the will to devour ideas and seek ways to present them to anyone who might be interested…”

Joseph P. Fernandez

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