Ken Pegg – The viewer

“I had a slightly auspicious start in life, being born in the transit lounge of Hannover airport. Like many young boys, I received my first camera in my early teens and soon started developing my own films and prints, eventually mixing my own developers. 

In my twenties, I worked for two, now long defunct, London photo libraries. I specialised in travel photography, producing images that were used in travel books, advertising and TV news backdrops. After about eight years, the ‘work’ aspect had completely killed my interest in what once had been my hobby and I put my cameras (Bronica S1, Linhof Technika, Pentax K1) away. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago, that by chance, I discovered how far digital cameras had come and on impulse, I bought a Nikon D70 and not looked back. By coincidence, I had left photography for computing and amongst other things had written a DOS based graphics program, so Photoshop fitted me like a comfortable old shoe. ..”

Ken Pegg

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