Laure Peyroux – Delicately, with my pastel pigments

“ I’m Laure Peyroux, French artist pastellist. I start to make important exposures like the “Grand Palais” in Paris, “Regard sur les Arts” in England, and the festival of the pastel in Lyon. Influenced by the caravagism, I really love Georges de la Tour, Caravage, Rembrandt, Di Maccio, François Sasmayoux (with which I have extraordinary conversations), Edward Hopper and so many. My work is represented by Pêcheur d’Art company created with my husband 2 years ago, so we work with about twenty painters and sculptors.

How to see all our feelings, our sensations, our intimate perfumes ? All which is imperceptible but that is the main part of our lives, all that we do not touch with our fingertips, I make you touch it with your eyes. Delicately, with my pastel pigments.”

Laure Peyroux

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