Leah Smithson – Evoking emotions

An Art Institute of Atlanta Alumni ( 2000 ) from Nashville who always fascinated with the ability of taking something out of her and other imaginations and making it reality. Since graduating Leah has worked in the Fine Arts throughout the Bay Area. She personally feels that even though we are from different backgrounds, we are all affected by similar chalenges.

Personifying the type of power where one is able to remain stead-fast despite the chaos around them in often the subtle subject of Leah Smithson’s pieces. She achieves this by her depiction of people and using color to evoke emotion. Trees are something that we think of as a symbol of stability. Leah’s personified trees find freedom in that stability. The eye is drawn to the calm, cool expressions of the face of many of her blue and turquoise portraits as a relief from the intense colors around them. The use of vines and leaves further complement the grounded of her paintings.